Unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B when Forgot Password

Looking to Unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B when you Forgot your Password? We will teach you how to Unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B Smartphones easily without a password.

Unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B
Name NIU Niutek 3.5B
Chipset Spreadtrum SC6820
Technology GSM
Single 3.15 MP
USB microUSB 2.0
EDGE Class 10
GPRS Up to 48 kbps
Talk time Up to 17 h

Android phones are more affordable and quite feature-rich. Modern Android phones offer a huge space to store a lot of things. Most of us like to protect data stored on our devices to prevent misuse of that data. People use various types of protections to ensure unauthorized people can’t access their devices.

What if your NIU Niutek 3.5B is locked and can’t recall the password? Is it possible to unlock a NIU Niutek 3.5B without a password? Yes, it is possible and I am going to share 6 simple methods to unlock a NIU Niutek 3.5B phone without a password. Continue reading to find a quick solution!

1. Unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B by Semi-Data Loss Method

It is the fastest way to unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B who want to unlock the device at any cost.

You are going to lose some data, but your mobile phone will get unlocked and it will be fully functional.

Try the following steps to unlock your phone now.

Step 1: Power off NIU Niutek 3.5B

power off phone

Step 2: Now, you have to boot NIU Niutek 3.5B into the recovery menu. Press a combination of Smartphone buttons, such as Pressing the Power Button along with the Home button or one of the Volume keys. Find out the combination of buttons for your Smartphone and then proceed ahead!

Step 3: In your NIU Niutek 3.5B, you have to pick the “Clear Data or Factory Reset” option.

Clear Data

Step 4: Now, NIU Niutek 3.5B will reset your device and eliminate all the data stored on your phone. It will be faster and unlocked!

Remember, many of your files, applications, and settings will vanish if you try this method. So, try it only if there is no important file stored on your mobile phone!

2. Unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B by Google Recovery Method

It is the most popular method to unlock an NIU Niutek 3.5B without losing any data.

Step 1: Enter a wrong password or pattern five or more times to unlock the phone. Your phone will offer the “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Pattern” option at the bottom of the screen. Select this option and move forward.

Forgot pattern

Step 2: Now, enter your email ID and password and then click the sign-in button to move forward.

Enter email and password

Note 1: If your phone is not connected to the internet, ask your friend to make a call. Now, you should be able to access the notification panel to turn on the WiFi.

Note 2: If you have forgot your Google Password then head over to https://accounts.google.com/signin/recovery and recover your password.

Step 3: Google will verify your credentials within a few seconds and then it will ask you to choose a new lock. Set a new password lock or pattern lock to secure your device.

Unlock selection

It is a simple solution that works always for NIU Niutek 3.5B. You must remember the email ID and password to try this method!

3. Unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B by Android Device Manager

The Google Recovery Method won’t work if you are using Android 5.0 or a newer version. Try the Android Device Manager method to unlock your phone without losing data.

Step 1: Get another Android phone with internet connectivity or a laptop.

Step 2: Search Android Device Manager or Google Find My Device in your Play Store, Install and click the top link. Now, provide your email ID and password and then sign in.

google login

Step 3: Now, you will get a map on the screen along with three options “Ring”, “Lock”, and “Erase”. Select the “Lock” option and move forward.

ring lock erase

Step 4: The Android Device Manager will ask you to enter the new password and other details. Complete the procedure and your device will unlock shortly after you set permissions correctly.

create new password

If that also doesn’t work, you can click the Erase option and it will work like the factory reset option.

Erase all data

Your device will eventually unlock but you will lose the data if you click that “Erase” button!

4. Unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B by Custom Recovery

It is a more complicated method to unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B without a password. This method requires breaking into the Android system and erasing files that hold your pattern lock or password information.

This method works only if custom recovery is installed on your NIU Niutek 3.5B Smartphone!

Step 1: Turn off your mobile phone.

Power off phone

Step 2: Now, you have to find the combination of buttons that you need to press to take the phone into the custom recovery mode. Check the button combination online, which might be holding Power and Volume up or down buttons simultaneously.

press vol up and home

Step 3: Now, select the “Mount” option and then enable all the options that appear in the new menu.

click mount

Step 4: Go back to the main menu and then select the install button. Note, you have to download and transfer the AROMA File Manager file to your phone. Now, select the Aroma file manager folder and open it.


Step 5: Once the Aroma File Manager is installed, get into this folder and select the “data” option.

click data

Now go to the “System” folder and then go all the way down to delete files named “gatekeeper”, “locksettings”, or “lockscreen”. Old Android phones may feature these files as “gesture.key” or “password.key”.

delete files

There might be 5-6 such files. Select all those files and delete them.

Step 6: Get back to the main custom recovery mode menu and then select the “Reboot” option.

reboot phone

Your phone is unlocked now and you can access the required files.

5. Unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B by Safe Mode Method

You can boot the NIU Niutek 3.5B into safe mode to unlock it. This is the best way to bypass third-party locks and access the device.

Step 1: First press the power button once and then press the same button for a few seconds.

Press power off button

Step 2: You will get the reboot or power off option on the screen, so press it for a while. You get an additional menu, so press the reboot button to get into safe mode.

reboot and power off

Step 3: The third-party app lock has now disappeared.

third party lock

Step 4: You should now reset the data to disable the third-party lock permanently.

Step 5: Restart your phone to access your device and avoid further troubles.

Restart your phone

6. Unlock NIU Niutek 3.5B by Find My Mobile Method

This method works fine on NIU Niutek 3.5B. Your Find My Mobile account is already set up. Try the following tips to unlock it.

Step 1: Get a laptop and connect it to the internet.

Step 2: Search Find My Mobile on your web browser and then sign in.

find my mobile

Step 3: The interface will look pretty similar to the Android Device Manager program. However, here you can find the “Unlock My Device” option. Click that option to unlock your phone.

unlock my device

Your phone must be connected to the internet to try this method. We have already explained how to connect a locked smartphone to the internet.

So, try any of these suitable methods and get NIU Niutek 3.5B unlocked immediately.

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